Sunday, February 28, 2010

Submarine able to dive after repairs and is fully operational

The Sun

Subang (Feb 28, 2010) : Malaysia's first submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, which had a mechanical fault that prevented it from diving, has been repaired and is fully operational.

In annoucing this today, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the submarine "is rectified and can dive. It is fully operational".

Ahmad Zahid sends off Malaysian troops for the International Mindanao Surveillance Team. He said this after the deployment of the International Monitoring Team-Mindanao at the Royal Malaysian Air Force bace here today.

Asked if he had participated in the submarine's test dive, Ahmad Zahid said he was advised against it but stressed he had faith in the Royal Malaysian Navy officers.

It was reported that KD Tunku Abdul Rahman was expected to go under water on Feb 22 after undergoing repairs.

The fault in the submarine involved a part that channels water pressure movement which resulted in the submarine's failure to dive. The fault was detected on the Jan 17 after maintenece work was conducted at the Royal Malaysian Navy base in Teluk Sepanggarn, Sabah.

-- The Sun

Malaysia's second submarine KD Tun Abdul Razak is expected to arrive this year.

Both France made new submarine is our pride.

Arm keep peace.

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